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Increase boat charter in Menorca

Increase boat charter in Menorca

Menorca has become a popular destination for many people who love the sea, which has caused the boat charter in Menorca has exploded.

Not only the llaut charter in Menorca is what has exploded, but also is growing exponentially the boat charter in Menorca, the yacht charter in Menorca, the catamaran charter in Menorca, as well as yacht charter in Menorca...

And it is an unforgettable experience to go around the island of Menorca aboard any boat.
Leave the Port of Mahón and sail along the coast from Punta Prima to Ciudadela, passing through Binibequer, Son Bou or Sant Tomas.
Visiting the most famous coves such as Cala Galdana, Binibequer, Cala en Porter, Cala en Bosc, Cala Santandria or Cales Piques.

Exit the Port of Ciudadela and travel along the north coast of Menorca, passing through Fornells, Arenal d'en Castell, Coves Noves, visit the Natural Park of s'Añbufera des Grau, Sa mesquida and return to the Port of Mahón.

In Mallorcanautic anyone can rent a llaut in Menorca or rent any other boat: boat hire in Menorca, sail charter in Menorca,  catamaran charter in Menorca ...
Or if you are looking for maximum comfort, you can find yacht charter in Menorca and anchor in the two ports of Menorca, the Port of Mahon and the Port of Ciudadela, ​​as well as in the main coves, which have mooring buoys .

You can also rent a boat in Mahón or rent a boat in Ciudadela directly.

Menorca has also become a popular destination for people from all over Europe, not only for Spaniards and in particular people coming from Catalonia to spend their summer vacation for many years. So, the yacht charter in Menorca or sailing charter Menorca, is already a very popular term.




January 2017