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We closed February and the boat charter in Mallorca is already well advanced for this summer 2017

We closed February and the boat charter in Mallorca is already well advanced for this summer 2017

Last year was a good year for rentals in Mallorca at all levels, increasing with respect to previous years, renting houses in Mallorca, yacht rental in Mallorca, renting cars, etc.
And in general of all types of boats, the sail charter in Mallorca increased, the catamaran charter in Mallorca, yachtcharter in Mallorca ...

It seems that this year is not going to be less, since this month of February have already closed many reservations of all types of boats for summer 2017 and for rent in all ports of the island: Boat rental in Palma, boat rental in Andratx, boat rental in Soller, boat rental Pollensa, boat rental in Alcudia, boat rental in Porto Colom, boat rental in Cala d'or ...

And it seems that just like last year, for this year are also being rented all kinds of boats in different ports: sail charter in Palma, sail charter in Alcudia, rental of llaut in Mallorca, Palma boat rental, Soller boat rental, Cala d'or boat rental, Porto Colom boat rental, Andratx boat rental, Alcudia boat rental...

Another interesting fact is the use of terms adopted in English in the nautical sector, using terms not previously used like: boat rental Majorca, boat rental Palma, boat rental Andratx, boat rental Soller, boat rental Cala d'or, boat rental Porto Colom, boat rental Alcudia, boat charter Pollensa, yacht hire mallorca, yacht hire majorca, yacht hire palma, yacht hire cala d'or.

And is that not only the Spanish have seen the shores of our island as an idyllic destination to spend their summer vacation aboard a charter boat, but also tourists from all over the world has uncovered its beauty and potential.
However, and more in the nautical sector, English is the language by excellence, so it is not surprising that all this series of terms have been adopted.

We hope that the next months will be as positive as the first two months of the year and a good rental season in Mallorca will be closed again.

February 2017