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It is ahead of summer 2019 and with it the Mallorca boat charter

It is ahead of summer 2019 and with it the Mallorca boat charter

For years, the Balearic Islands has been a world-class destination for boat rentals.

With the climate change that is taking place today, the extension of the boat rental season in Mallorca is favored.

Until a few years ago the boat rental business in the islands was very focused on Mallorca and Ibiza and was concentrated in the months of July and August. All this has changed over the years and on the one hand the rental season has been extended, starting practically during Holy Week and ending at the end of October.

Apart from this increase in the rental season, the classic boat rental business in Mallorca and boat rental in Ibiza have also been extended to the rest of the islands, as well as businesses such as boat rentals in Menorca, with its Typical Llaut Menorca rental, or yacht charter in Menorca, has increased a lot in recent years. Not only for the holiday tourism that comes from the Catalan families who usually spend the summers in this island since always, but to tourists from all over the world, who have known this island and have found in it an alternative with a lot of tranquility

There has also been a change in the type of boat rental in Mallorca, because apart from the classic yacht charter Mallorca or rent yacht Mallorca, for some time now catamaran charter Mallorca have been introduced in a certain sector. for a certain type of families the Mallorca catamaran charter offers advantages in both the quieter and more stable navigation, as well as in the moments of anchoring, since due to its own design, this type of boats offers stability advantages and some areas for the enjoyment of the solo that conventional sailboats do not offer.

Also, with the passage of time the own rental areas in Mallorca have been extended. In the early days the main business was to rent sailboats Palma, but with the passage of time has extended to the rest of the areas of the island, so today we have boat rental Pollensa and boat rental Alcudia in the north and east of the island, boat rental Porto Colom. Both areas are very suitable and with magnificent facilities to enjoy sailing and mooring in the port of Porto Colom and in Alcudiamar and in the Puerto Pollensa Nautical Club in the north of the island.


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