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Address: Archipielago de Cabrera

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The archipelago of Cabrera, which is made up of a group of islands and islets situated at 10,2 nautical miles from Port Colònia de Sant Jordi, has been declared a marine-terrestrial national park. The islands landscape has been kept in its natural state, with a highly valuable ecosystem and one of the best-preserved sea beds in the entire Mediterranean.

The two largest islands are Illa des Conills (also known as Conillera) and Illa de Cabrera. The park covers an area of 10,021 hectares, of which 8,703 constitute the marine space and 1,318 represent the terrestrial area of the park. The climate is semi-arid; this conditions the vegetation, with its abundance of bushes and some trees, of which pine is the most common. The only mammal which hasn´t been introduced by man is the pipistrelle bat. The most characteristic animal on Cabrera is the sargantana lizard; this small reptile is endemic to the Balearic Islands and has different features according to the island on which it is found, which is due to thousands of years of evolution with no predators. The abundance of fish means that there is a great diversity of marine birds, making Cabrera an excellent spot for the observation and study of birds and their migratory patterns. The sea bed is made up of vast extensions of posidonia seaweed and rock, where a vast variety of fish and plant life exists, as well as various species of dolphin and turtle.

Before arriving at the port of Cabrera, we recommend visiting Sa Cova Blava (prohibited from anchoring), to swim in Cala L'Olla (only permitted anchoring during daytime), and if we have enough time, to surround the island of Cabrera, the navigation perimeter is about 10 nautical miles.

Anchoring: There are 50 buoys spread according to the lengths: till 12 meters, between 12 and 15 meters, between 15 and 20 meters and between 20 and 35 meters in length.

Requests for navigation, anchoring and diving can only be done by Telematics:

Anchoring in Cabrera / Diving in Cabrera

Once moored in a buoy, you can perform a multitude of water activities: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and in land we recommend the following self-guided itineraries:

  • Lighthouse l'Enciola
  • Picamosques
  • The Serra des canal de ses Figueres
  • The castle (XIV century castle declared historical-artistic monument)
  • Ses Sitges
  • La Mirada
  • The museum, garden and monument to the French
  • An archaeological tour

It is mandatory to access the information office at the port of Cabrera, to be informed and to ask for doing the itinerary: Phone 630 982 363. Winter hours: 8 to 14 h and 16 to 18:30 h. Summer hours: 8 to 14 h and 16 to 20 h.