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Address: Cala Estellencs



Cala Estellencs is situated at 13 nautical miles from port d’Andratx und 13,7 from Port de Sóller, between Punta Rotja and Cala de Son Pruaga, and below the famous Puig de Galatzó (1026 metres high).

This beautiful cove has a double function, it is a beach for local visitors, not very crowded, and it is also a small fishing harbour. This small sea inlet of the Serra de Tramuntana finishes on a semicircular cove with pebbles and stones, quite long but very narrow, where the Torrent de Son Fortuny flows into the sea.  If there is enough water in the torrent, the visitor can have a shower in sweet and cold water. 

It is ideal for snorkeling because of the transparency of its waters.

Anchoring: The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are not safe because it is very open to the winds of the southwest, west, northwest and north and because there is a rocky seaground. It is only advisable to anchor with calm sea  We must be careful because it is not very deep, especially: 1) On the starboard side there is a flagstone 30 centimetres over water next to Punta Son Serralta, 2) there is also a stone in the middle of the entrance. You can only enter with small boats and in winter it is impossible to beach a boat here because of the storms and the torrent.  

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