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Address: Cala Matzoc



The nearest port facilities are located at Club Nàutic Cala Ratjada, at 5,4 nautical miles. This beach is the less frequented from Cala Torta, Cala Mitjana and Cala Estreta. The beach has a length of 100 meters and a width of 60 meters.

This small fine-grained sandy area, with pebbles and gravel mixed to posidonia on the coast, has at the rear some scrubland, bushes and coastal pine trees, whereas the high and steep area tries to shelter it from the winds of the first quadrant. 

The fact that it is exposed to the wind blowing from northwest, north, northeast and east, as well as the morphology, explain that bathing here is very dangerous 

Anchoring: we must anchor on a sandy ground of four metres depth at two hectometres from the coast, which is a manoeuvre that requires an enormous concentration. There is also a dangerous sandbank, at 384 metres east-southeast from Torre d'Aubarca in front of Cala Matzoc. In the less deep point there are 2,4 metres. We can also anchor in front of Morro d’Albarca, on a sandy ground of 4 to 8 meters deep. It is important to beware of the N-NW-NE-E winds.