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Address: San Telmo



Situated at 3,6 nautical miles from Puerto de Andratx, it is named after the oratory which was built by the king Jaume II in 1279 and dedicated to the saint of the navigators.

This sandy area is the biggest in Andratx and one of the most important touristic areas.

Es Geperut is divided into two beaches; the bigger one has white sand and the smaller one has gravel. In front of its coast you can see the small island of es Panteleu, where the conquest of Majorca by Catalonia and Aragon with king Jaume I began in 1229, and the island of Sa Dragonera. 

This bay is the last safe anchorage between Andratx and Sóller. It is open to the winds from the southwest, west and northwest, although it is protected by es Panteleu. Normally, it has calm water, except when the wind is blowing from the west or southwest.

Anchoring: there are two areas for anchoring: between the small island and the coast, on the northwest of the pier which is used by fishermen, with a depth of two metres, composition of clay, sand and seaweed; the second is between es Pantaleu and the beach, towards southeast, on a sandy bottom, at a depth between four and seven meters below the surface. 

In the area of San Telmo we can find anchorings with buoys up to 15 meters:

-Anchoring up to 8 meters (No. buoys: 2)

-Anchoring from 8 to 15 meters (No. buoys: 12)

Bookings can only be made through the website Bookings can be made between 20 and 1 day before (until 5 p.m.) the requested dat and for a maximum of two consecutive nights every six natural days.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have a reservation for one or two nights and you arrive later than 6.30 p.m., you will lose your reservation.

In case of coming to a field of buoys and finding it occupied, it is not permitted to anchor on the posidonia and you will have to look for a sand area outside the perimeter of the field of buoys in order to avoid damage of the plants and to enjoy a safer anchorage.